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img_20161229_182607(1) Babies cry Mothers try. God bestows on us to know The wisdom we have is needed and will grow.

(2) Victory and triumph displayed at the cross laying down His life forever to invite all who are called out of this world.

(3) Focusing  on Him looking up above Focusing on Him the one I Love. For all this world will pass away fleeting it is but He will stay. Ever close by our side We are to Him His Victorious Bride.



(1) Love enveloping now generous constant throughout peaceful gentle lovingly done all things in Him become one.

(2) Sovereign constant loving and kind His heart in my heart His hand in mine.

(3) Flowing down from His crown mercy grace and peace. Coming forth from His lips Words of exaltation making us complete.

(4) Open window Glory streams Brilliance of color bursting at the seams.

(5) A dress a garment woven not torn. A rest a repose fully reborn.



img_20151211_153824.jpgSovereign hand Greater Plan redeemed man.


God our Father JESUS His Son. Holy Spirit Fire these three are one.


Peace in Peace we stand. With Jesus in our hearts obeying His command. Loving Him and being true. Fellowship is ours He will see us through.